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Have you ever found yourself cycling on a busy city cycle path, trying to get to work as quickly as possible using all your leg power, only to end up feeling tired and sweaty upon arrival? If so, you may have considered getting an electric bike to make things easier.

Electric bikes, or e-bikes for short, have a battery-powered assist that makes pedaling less strenuous. This assistance usually kicks in when you start pedaling, with a small motor taking over some of the work, although in some cases there is a throttle as well.

Throttle-equipped e-bikes engage the motor at the press of a button, but they’re not generally suitable for use on public roads.

E-bikes can reach pretty high speeds, with the fastest commercially-available e-bike capable of speeds over 70mph – in theory, at least. The current world record for the fastest electric bike is an astonishing 283.182mph, although it should come as no surprise that this wasn’t achieved with pedal power alone.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the world’s fastest e-bikes, the fastest commercially-available e-bikes (which are typically very expensive), and explain why you should not get too excited about reaching speeds of 60mph or more with pedal power on public roads. Spoiler alert: it’s illegal.

Fastest Electric Bikes in the World

If you’re questioning the value of an e-bike considering the speed limitations, keep in mind that these limitations exist for the safety of riders, motorists, and pedestrians. E-bikes operate quietly and can be difficult to hear approaching, and if you’re traveling fast on two wheels, you’re more likely to suffer serious injuries if you fall. Moreover, the available speeds are typically sufficient whether you’re commuting, enjoying leisurely rides, or using your e-bike for general transportation purposes.

It’s possible to remove the limitations on an e-bike. The manufacturer sets a limit on the bike’s pedal assistance, and the bike tracks its speed to know when to cut off the motor upon reaching a specific speed. Consequently, the bike can be tuned to release the full electrical power by deceiving the bike into thinking it’s going slower than it is in reality.

However, by removing the limitations on an e-bike, you make it illegal to use on public roads since only e-bikes restricted to the local speed limit are deemed roadworthy.

Fastest E-Bike(s) You CAN’T Buy

The current world record holder for the fastest electric motorcycle is the Voxan Wattman. Former professional Grand Prix motorcycle racer Max Biaggi rode the bike at the Kennedy Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, USA on 1 December 2021, achieving a speed of 283.182mph (455.737kph).

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Thanks to favourable winds, the bike was able to reach a maximum speed of 292.204mph (470.257kph) according to its GPS.

The Voxan Wattman is manufactured in Monaco, and boasts an impressive 150kw of power, which equates to 203 horsepower, and can go from 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in just 3.4 seconds. This bike was specifically designed to set new speed records, and isn’t available for purchase.

Another e-bike that is solely built for breaking records is the WMC250EV from White Motorcycle Concepts. It’s not intended for use on public roads, and was designed to target the world land speed record for electric motorcycles, while also showcasing its unconventional technologies as improvements over traditional ones.

The bike’s name comes from its intended top speed of 250mph, although it may even go faster than that. During initial tests, the WMC250EV reached speeds of up to 170mph without much effort.

Hi Power Cycles Revolution XX

The Revolution XX Super E-Bike from i Power Cycles is an exceptional machine that offers outstanding performance and remarkable top speeds.

The bike has an officially listed top speed of 70+mph, with some test riders achieving speeds of up to 74mph on flat surfaces. The manufacturers claim that it’s the fastest e-bike that has pedals for use at top speed.

The bike appears more like a dirt bike than a standard bicycle, with heavy-duty tires, top-of-the-line brakes, and even a windscreen that’s necessary when riding at such high speeds. The windscreen is uniquely designed to penetrate wind resistance at top speeds, allowing riders to gain an extra few mph on the top end. The suspension system is also custom-tuned by the factory to suit the individual purchaser.

The bike’s battery system offers an impressive range of nearly 100 miles, making it ideal for high-speed off-road runs. However, only 20 units of the Revolution XX will be produced, making it an extremely exclusive bike.

It’s worth noting that, according to the HPC website, the bike will be shipped fully compliant with US Class 2 e-bike laws, which means that its speed will be limited to 20mph. As previously discussed, it’s possible to remove the speed limiters, but doing so would make the bike illegal for use on public roads.

Hi Power Cycles Revolution X

The Revolution X is Hi Power Cycles’ flagship model, with a top speed of up to 65mph, depending on the power option you choose.

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The bike has a 6,000W power level as standard, but buyers can opt for a 7,000W or 8,000W machine to achieve the top speeds. The bike was first launched five years ago, but in 2022 the manufacturer introduced an all-new motor that’s 7% more efficient, has lower weight and cogging torque.

The bike’s base price is $13,000, with additional upgrades such as two-stage colors, colored rims, increased power levels, enhanced charger, and individually factory-tuned suspension, and added lighting costing extra. Gloss red, gloss white, matte black, or clear coat paint are available as standard options.

Depending on the type of ride you’re after, you can choose either the Thunderbolt (speed motor) or Striker (high torque motor). The Speed motor is perfect for moderate trails and hills, combining speed, acceleration, and torque. The 6,000W model can reach speeds of 55mph, the 7,000W model 60mph, and the 8,000W model 60+mph.

The Torque motor is more efficient than the Speed motor and is better suited for steeper hills and trails, sacrificing some top speed in favor of acceleration and torque. The 6,000W model can reach speeds of up to 45mph, the 7,000W model 47mph, and the 8,000W model 50mph.

Similar to the Revolution XX, the Revolution X will be shipped fully compliant with US Class 2 e-bike laws, meaning its speed will be limited to 20mph.

Stealth B-52

The Stealth B-52 is a more affordable e-bike option that can reach top speeds of up to 50mph, priced at around £9,500.

It weighs 64kg and can travel up to 60 miles on economy mode, or 25 miles on full throttle. Recharging takes just three hours.

The Stealth B-52 has motorcycle-grade brakes that provide precise stopping control with just two fingers on the levers. It features a silent, high-torque, brushless DC hub motor that offers fast acceleration, and a suspension that ensures a smooth ride even on challenging trails.

The bike is designed with solid-state, digital inverter technology that has no moving parts, reducing wear-and-tear and maintenance intervals. It has a continuous power of 2500W, a peak power of 6200W, and a noise emission of just 65db — quieter than an average vacuum cleaner!

The Stealth B-52 is available in Pitch Black or Pitch Black Fluo, and optional front and rear mudguards and a controller cover can be added.

Delfast Top 3.0/3.0i

The Delfast Top is an e-bike that combines speed and endurance, with a top speed of 50mph and a range of up to 200 miles on a full charge.

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While some consider it more of an electric motorbike than an electric bicycle, it still has pedals and is included in this list. Its design resembles a dirt bike with pedals, rather than a traditional bicycle.

There are two models of the Delfast Top available: the Delfast Top 3.0 for the EU and international markets, and the Delfast Top 3.0i, exclusive to the US.

The Delfast Top 3.0i has an on-board computer and 4G GPS, while the 3.0 model has a built-in 3G GPS navigation system. However, both models are functionally similar in terms of speed and range.

Both models will ship as a Class 2 e-bike, with a top speed of 20mph and 750W of power via a Gates Carbon Drive™ single gear belt drive.

The EU model has a limited mode with a top speed of 15mph for road use in the UK and EU, as well as an eco mode with a top speed of 20mph. Both models also have an unlimited mode, with the US 3.0i model offering up to 5000W and a top speed of 50mph, while the EU 3.0 model can go up to 3000W and 50mph.

Both versions of the bike are adapted to meet road-legal requirements in their respective territories while still allowing for off-road use. The bike is suitable for all terrains and purposes, including commuting.

The Delfast Top comes in a range of colours, with black or white as standard and orange, red, and blue available at an extra cost.

Ristretto 303FS

The Ristretto 303FS e-bike has a maximum speed of 40mph and an Italian vintage-inspired design that’s both aesthetically pleasing and fast. The bike has two classes: Class 2, with a top speed of 20mph with throttle and pedal-assist, and Class 3, with a speed limit of up to 28mph through pedal-assist. These classes make it road-legal in the US.

The bike also has a ‘Race Mode’ for private property and race tracks, enabling speeds of up to 40mph with up to 3,500W of power in the motor using the throttle. The bike’s LCD display allows for easy switching between the modes, without the need to remove the speed limiter.

The bike has a range of 35-55 miles on a single charge, which takes around 5 to 6 hours. It weighs 38kg and is equipped with an adjustable suspension system and fat tyres for stability, momentum, and a larger footprint on sandy terrain. The 303FS comes in a variety of stylish and sleek colours.

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