Schwinn Loop 7 Folding Bike Review

If you love folding bikes, but you don’t want to spend an enormous amount on it, then Schwinn Loop 7 speed is the one for you. Schwinn is a famous American leading bicycle manufacturer since 1895 and consistently shown the dedication towards building the high-quality products. Loop 7 speed is constructed with keeping costs and comfort in mind, priced at a reasonable price of around $200, this Schwinn folding bike is unquestionably the best option for your budget.

Schwinn 7 Speed has got its name “Loop” added in the name after the shape of its frame. This bike has got the frame that kind of loops down which creates more space for riders and eventually makes it incredibly easy for them to hop on and off.

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Schwinn Loop 7 Folding Mechanism

Schwinn Loop 7 is categorized under urban leisure bike which is suitable for riding casually in urban areas or riding around parks and neighborhoods. The Loop 7’s folding functionality comes handy for the people who live in a small house or apartment and don’t have enough space for storage.

Schwinn Loop 7 Test Ride

The frame of Loop 7 is rigid as it is made from alloy. The bike runs very smoothly and effortlessly on city roads and can even tackle slopes or uphills. If you are riding on hills or steep paths, the Schwinn’s seven gear mechanism comes into picture because the bike is firmly powered to run on different settings under these circumstances. The brakes can be trusted on steep slopes. Many people took the first test ride with more than 20 miles and got amazed at how solidly the bike performed. The quick folding mechanism makes the folding and unfolding very easy.

Folding Bike vs Regular Bike: Which is Right for You?

Schwinn Loop 7 is compact and fits in little space very easily, such as your apartment’s storage room or your office. If you decide to hit the road for a camping trip, this bike is perfect to carry and can even stay in your car trunk.

As the name Loop portrayed its shape, the low stand over frame makes it easy for everyone to hop on and off quickly. The one feature that makes the Schwinn Loop 7 Speed favorable as compared to other urban bikes is the readily built in carrier on the rear end that allows for transporting more materials.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s look at some Pros and Cons of this bike:


  • The alloy frame is rigid and strong enough to withstand rough roads and also provides stability under these conditions.
  • The linear alloy pull brakes are durable and they are trustworthy under sleep slopes.
  • A heavy gauge nylon bag is provided to store the bike.


  • The seat is little hard and small. Although you have the option to change and get a softer and wider seat as per your convenience.
  • The color options will disappoint you as the bike has only one color.
  • Loop 7 is a bit heavier if you compare with other aluminum frame bikes but it can still be carried around and fit in small cases.
  • The company has provided nothing to keep the tires together when folded, so you might need a bungi cord to hold things.


The biggest selling point of Schwinn Loop 7 is definitely its price. And on top of this, it is durable, solidly built, and has amazingly designed brakes which make it easy and fun to ride. Either riding for exercise or just moving around the neighbourhood, you will love this bike.

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