Best Folding Electric Bike Under $500

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Sep 21
best folding electric bike under 500

Are you looking for a cheap folding electric bike? If so, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will be discussing the best folding electric bikes that are under $500. We will talk about which benefits these bikes have and why they’re worth it. These bikes can save you money in many different ways from being able to take them on public transportation to not needing a parking spot. So if any of those things sound appealing, keep reading!

Hiboy P10 Folding

Electric Bike
hiboy p10 folding electric bike

Long lasting and powerful: With the 350W brushless hub motor, speeds up to 15.5 mph are possible and with a maximum travel range of 22 miles under specific conditions you’ll be able to get where you need without waiting for recharging!

12″ Tires: If you’re looking for a comfortable ride on your electric bike, this model is perfect. With 12″ rubber tires that absorb shock, it’s easy to enjoy the smoothness of riding an e-bike without worrying about bumps in the road.

Portable: The foldable design of this bike is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space in their home or car. You can easily fit it into your trunk, saving you from dealing with the hassle and inconvenience that comes along with having to store a bulky bicycle indoors.

Disc brakes: This electric bike has powerful front and rear disc brakes that allow for more precise control when braking.

Lights: This bike has a large, bright headlight and tail light that makes it easier to see when biking at night. This is a feature most electric bikes don’t come with.

Upgraded seat: The upgraded version of the P10 folding electric bike has a thicker seat, which ensures that you ride more comfortably on bumpy roads.

3 Riding modes: The Hiboy P10 has three riding modes. The e-bike mode has a motor and assists you as you pedal, the pedal assist mode is similar to an electric bike but without any assistance from batteries or motors, the normal bike mode just works through your leg strength.

Pre-assembled: With this e-bike, you can skip the complicated assembly and focus on getting out of your house to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors.

Charging time: 6 hours.

Weight limit: 265 lbs.

Bike weight: 35.2 lbs.

Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike for Adults, Power Assist, 36V Lithium Ion Battery, Ebike with 12 inch Wheels and 350W Hub Motor
Hiboy P10 Folding Electric Bike for Adults, Power Assist, 36V Lithium Ion Battery, Ebike with 12 inch Wheels and 350W Hub Motor
  • Power motor & long battery life - The 350W electric brushless hub motor allows for speeds up to 15. 5mph. High capacity battery with a Max. travel range of up to 15.5 - 21.6 miles under specific conditions.
  • Stable & durable for commuting - Extremely smooth when accelerating and turning with 12 inches air-filled rubber tires wheels, Hiboy electric bikes have been made solid and durable quality with whole frame.
  • Portable design - The P10 electric bicycles are not with large size(39.3*35.4*19.6 inches), and collapses for easy storage in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other compact spaces.
  • Less hassle - Hiboy P10 e-bike comes pre-assembled so you won't have to spend your time with complicated assembly and bike parts.
  • Eco- friendly & Practical - There are 3 modes for the bike, E-bike mode, Assisted bicycle mode and Regular bike mode. Save on gas and have fun.

Gyroor C2 14″ Folding Electric Bike

gyroor c2 folding electric bike

Powerful and long lasting: The Gyroor C2 electric bike is perfect for adults who need an easy going, durable ride. With a 450W brushless hub motor and a high capacity 10Ah lithium ion battery that lasts up to 20 miles on one charge at the maximum speed of 18 mph it has all of your needs covered.

Safety first: When you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere fast, this electric bike is perfect for getting there. The 14 inch tires will let you ride over any bump without worrying! Plus, with disc brakes on both front and back wheels, there’s no risk of skidding either so long distance rides aren’t scary anymore. Riding at night? Just turn on the head and tail lights that are equipped.

Not all electric bikes come with these safety features, so to have them is a nice touch.

3 Speed modes: This electric bike features three speeds to choose from. You can select the low, medium or high setting and see how much remaining battery life you have on your ride with an LED display that also tells you about speed modes as well!

Charging time: 5 hours.

Weight limit: 265 lbs.

Bike weight: 43 lbs.

Top speed: 18.6 mph.

Gyroor Folding Electric Bike for Adults Teens, 450W eBike with 18.6MPH up to 25 Miles Adult Electric Bicycles 14in Tire, Disc and Electronic Brake Mini Bike
Gyroor Folding Electric Bike for Adults Teens, 450W eBike with 18.6MPH up to 25 Miles Adult Electric Bicycles 14in Tire, Disc and Electronic Brake Mini Bike
  • POWERFUL & FAST & LONG MILEAGE:Gyroor C2Pro foldable electric bike for adults teens equipped with 450W brushless hub motor, climbing not exceed10% slope; 36V10Ah high capacity battery can ride up to 20-25 miles & up to 18.6mph(30KM/H). This e bikes for adults electric make city commutes easier. More suitable for flat road driving, not for climbing.
  • UNIQUE FOLDING DESIGN: Gyroor C2Pro electric bicycle adopts unique folding structure, two folding modes, can be dragged on road or the whole body folded into a circle, save 50% as much space when put in trunk or placed in the house.The cool e bike is so stylish, suitable for going on a trip, going to work, going to school and going shopping, will also be great gift.
  • KEEP RIDING SAFE: The electric bikes equipped with 14 inch pneumatic tires which absorbing impact force; Disc & EABS brake is powerful and effective; Bright head & tail light make it safe riding in night; Mechanical Ling warns pedestrians to be safe.
  • NICE to WOMEN and SHORT PEOPLE: Unique low frame design make it easily stride over. Gyroor C2Pro electric bikes for adults teens fits for height 4′9″to 5′11″, max load 265LBS, suitable for both sexes 10-60years old, especially for women and short people. It's also easy to ride in a skirt. Unique design than other brands.
  • GUARANTEE: The battery is guaranteed for half a year and the bike accessories for one year. If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us. Gyroor C2Pro electric mini bike will bring more convenience and happiness to your life.

Viribus 14″ Folding Electric Bike

viribus folding electric bike

Lightweight: The lightweight aluminum alloy frame of this electric bicycle will make it easy for you to ride for miles without getting tired. You can also take on over 37 miles with this bike’s fantastic 36V 6Ah lithium ion battery, giving you plenty more range than most electric bikes!

High-powered motor: The 250W brushless motor on this electric bike provides all of the power you need.

Fast charging and secure: The Viribus folding electric bike can be fully charged in under 4 hours from standard outlets and can be locked when not being ridden, making it theft-resistant!

Perfect for tall people: This bike is the perfect size and ideal for any height! The aluminum alloy frame can support up to 220 lbs, while the seat adjustment ensures that it will fit in between 5’0″ – 6’3″. This means you’ll never be too short or tall when riding this beauty of a two-wheeler.

Safety features: The disc brakes provide strong and dependable stopping power, while the front LED light illuminates the way forward in low or dark conditions. The rear lights turn on manually and automatically when you brake in order to warn drivers behind you of what’s going on and protect you from harm.

Bike weight: 40 lbs.

Top speed: 15.5 mph.

Viribus 14' Electric Bike with Folding Pedals and Handlebar | Cruiser Road Bicycle with 250W Brushless Motor & Adjustable Seat | 6Ah eBike with Aluminum Frame | Adult Road Bike for Men & Women
Viribus 14" Electric Bike with Folding Pedals and Handlebar | Cruiser Road Bicycle with 250W Brushless Motor & Adjustable Seat | 6Ah eBike with Aluminum Frame | Adult Road Bike for Men & Women
  • 14" LIGHTWEIGHT eBIKE: This aluminum-alloy electric road bike is ready to power you up, down, and around town whether you want a quicker commute or just a more user-friendly bike. It's easy to carry and ride, strong and durable, and able to handle over 15 miles of electric riding or 37 miles of hybrid use (varying with load, incline, and temperature).
  • POWERFUL MOTOR & BATTERY: This electric bike's 250W brushless motor gives you all the power you need for daily commuting or weekend exploring thanks to the 36V 6Ah rechargeable and removable lithium battery. It fully recharges in under 4 hours from standard outlets and locks securely when parked.
  • CUSTOMIZED RIDING EXPERIENCE: This single speed bike offers preset speeds at 9, 12, and 15.5 mph and can go even higher in the pedal-assisting hybrid mode. The handlebars and pedals fold in for easy parking and transport; the aluminum frame supports riders up to 220 pounds; and the adjustable seat fits every height from 5' to 6'3"!
  • GREAT DETAILS FOR SAFETY: Front and rear disc brakes provide fast and even stopping power whenever needed; the front LED light shows the way forward in dim and dark conditions; and the rear light turns on manually and during braking to keep those behind you aware of what's going on and keep you safe.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Order this Viribus electric mountain bike with your peace of mind assured thanks to our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service; order at no risk and enjoy greater health and an easier commute for years to come!

Bestkucky 12″ Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

bestkucky folding electric bike

Lightweight and portable: When you need to take your e-bike on the go, this lightweight and portable folding electric bike is just what you’re looking for. It weighs only 26 lbs, making it easy for carrying one handed or stowing away in tight spaces without taking up too much room.

Great brakes: This folding electric bike is perfect for getting around town. You can stop quickly due to its disc break, which gives you precision stopping power when navigating through busy city streets or longer trips out into nature.

Fast but low range: The only downside to this foldable electric bike is that it only has a range of around 15 miles, with a maximum speed of around 15 mph.

Charging time: 3 hours.

Weight limit: 265 lbs.

Bike weight: 26.5 lbs.

Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V Lightweight E-Bike Mini Electric Bike, Collapsible Frame Aluminum Alloy Folding Ebike with Removable Lithium-ion Battery (Black-6AH)
Folding Electric Bicycle, 36V Lightweight E-Bike Mini Electric Bike, Collapsible Frame Aluminum Alloy Folding Ebike with Removable Lithium-ion Battery (Black-6AH)
  • 【Fashion Dolphin Design】This folding ebike inspired by the shape of dolphins, also conform to young people's pursuit of freedom and fashion. It also adopts innovative aluminum alloy frame, double layer aluminum alloy wheel.
  • 【Folding frame】This e-bike is easy to fold and save more space for storage. It weighs a mere 26.5lbs, easy to carry with one hand. Provided with Both good anti-pressure ability and lightweight frame. As a perfect transportation device for daily use and give you a new lifestyle.
  • 【APP Supporting System】Bluetooth System ( above Android 4.3/iOS 8 ); APP Speed Setting; Motor locking(original password 123456); Mileage & Time recording; E Bike self-test.
  • 【12 MPH & 12 Mile Range】This electric bike with 350-watt high speed motor can achieve top speed of 20-25km/h, powered by 36V 6Ah battery, with a range of 20km means your e-bike commute just easier
  • 【Emissions free】The eco-friendly folding electric bicycle is 100% electric and zero emissions, saving both your wallet and the environment. IPX5 Waterproof range protects your trip on rainy days.It has 350W powerful motor and the battery only needs to be charged 3 hours. The unique design e-bike will be shipped within 2 business days from US warehouse

DYU 12″ Folding Electric Bike

dyu folding electric bike

Unique and functional design: The stainless steel v shaped frame of this folding electric bike ensures that it is strong and ergonomic to use.

Performance and security: This cutting-edge, high performance electric bike is equipped with an epic 240W brushless motor and 36V 10AH lithium ion battery. With speeds up to 15 mph on a single charge it can reach over 37 miles before needing recharging! This amazing electric bicycle also has a one button remote lock operation for anti theft protection which will keep your ride safe at all times.

3 Riding modes: The DYU folding electric bicycle has 3 modes; electric bike, pedal assisted bike and regular bike.

Safety features: The folding electric bike offers a safe and stable ride with its dual disc brake system. It also has magnesium alloy wheels with anti-skidding properties as well as bright LED headlamps which make riding at night more convenient than ever.

Charging time: 6 hours.

Weight limit: 265 lbs.

Bike weight: 48 lbs.

DYU Folding Electric Bike Ebike, 12' Electric Commuter Bicycle with 10AH Lithium-Ion Battery, 15.5MPH, 3 Riding Modes, Dual Disc Braking…
DYU Folding Electric Bike Ebike, 12" Electric Commuter Bicycle with 10AH Lithium-Ion Battery, 15.5MPH, 3 Riding Modes, Dual Disc Braking…
  • 【12" Folding E-Bike】DYU V1 Electric bike weighs 42 lbs and adopts a 100% lightweight iron foldable frame to withstand a max weight of 265 lbs, which is suitable for exercise, work and travel. Moreover, you can easily store it in a large vehicle or in the corner of your home or office to save space.
  • 【Powerful Performance】Equipped with a 240W high-magnification brushless motor and a 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery. The speed can reach 15.5 Mph and ride up to 37 Miles in electric assist mode. One-Button Remote Lock/Operation Anti-Theft Protection.
  • 【3 Working Modes】E-bike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike. With the LCD 3-speed smart meter button, you can choose any mode according to your needs. You can add a burst of speed with the throttle, which is ideal for pulling away from traffic lights or exercise with electric assist mode. Combining three modes would be a better choice.(Note: Electric mode and electric assist mode are independent and do not interfere, 100% gear for electric mode, 50% gears for electric assist mode).
  • 【Riding Safely】Has adopted a new technology of the dual disc brakes to ensure more stable and safe riding and the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption, Ultra-high toughness magnesium alloy wheel is anti- skid and stab-resistant. The bright LED headlamp, electric horn and bell are equipped for night riding.
  • 【Service Available】This electric bikes for adults arrives 90% assembled. It's easy to complete assembly by yourself (please refer to the video in the picture page). DYU is a company specializing in R&D, sales and after-sales of folding electric bicycles, you can enjoy lifelong technical support online/offline.


Folding electric bikes offer a solution for anyone who wants to ride but doesn’t have the space. These high-performance folding bicycles are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for any rider of any size or skill level!

Whether you’re looking for an e bike with great brakes that can stop quickly on busy city streets or one that has longer range at lower speeds, there’s a bike for you. All five of the featured products come in under $500 and will provide years of riding enjoyment.

Which folding electric bike under $500 is your favorite? Let us know so we can review it and see if it’s something worth adding to this article!

If you have more money to spend, check out our picks for the best folding electric bikes under $1000.