Best Folding Electric Bike Under $1000

By fbhut | Folding Bike Reviews

Aug 23
folding electric bike under 1000

Are you looking for a folding electric bike that will be easy to store and save you money? Well, today is your lucky day because we have compiled a list of the top 10 best folding electric bikes under 1000. These are great options if you’re looking to buy an affordable folding bike but don’t want to sacrifice quality. All these models were chosen based on their convenient features such as light weight and durability.

Gyroor C3 Electric Folding Bike

gyroor c3 electric folding bike

Fast and Lasts: The Gyroor C3 electric bicycle has a powerful brushless motor, which makes your commute a breeze. It is fast and far-reaching with an 18 mph top speed while also being energy efficient so you can enjoy it for longer trips. It will allow you to travel up to 28 miles on one charge.

Weight Limit: 265 lbs.

Brakes: This bike sports a pair of dual disc brakes, which provide your with powerful braking in all conditions.

Three Modes: The e bike is perfect for those days when you’re too lazy to pedal but want the exercise. The LCD control panel automatically tracks the battery level, so that it never runs out of juice halfway through your ride (which would be a bummer). With 3 modes: regular bike mode, pedal assist bike and eBike – all with varying levels of assistance from 0% up to 100%, depending on how much effort you want to put in.

Lifetime Customer Service: Gyroor provides an amazing warranty program to all their customers. With every purchase comes a years worth of fixes and returns without paying anything extra whatsoever which is pretty awesome if something goes wrong within this period. You’ll be sure that they will forever provide service as long as it meets their conditions – such great customer care from these guys!

Tires: This electric bike has 14″ tires with shock-absorbent features to offer better traction for a more fluid ride.

Unique Suspension System: There’s a unique shock-absorbing suspension system on this bike, making your ride a lot smoother and more enjoyable.

Charging Time: 5 hours.

Bike Weight: 48 lbs.

Lights and Horn: The headlight and rear brake lamp system on this e bike never leaves you in the dark when cycling, but why stop there? The equipped horn is always a good idea for safe riding at all hours of day.

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Ancheer BikeFun 20″ Folding Electric Bike

ancheer bikefun folding electric bike

Powerful Motor: Equipped with a high-speed brushless electric motor, this electric bike will get you to your destination in no time. With speeds up to 20 mph and 48V 350W power output, it offers easy access for any commute or adventure.

Removable Battery: The electric folding bike can be charged on the go, or at home due to its removable 10ah lithium ion battery. A fully-charged ride is up to 30 miles long and perfect for most day trips or for going around town.

LCD Display: The LCD display on the handlebars shows you how much battery life is left, as well as your total mileage and current speed.

Charging Time: 6 hours.

Bike Weight: 50 lbs.

Gears & Brakes: With 7 speeds powered by Shimano gears, you can tackle hills and bumpy roads with ease. Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide powerful braking that is sure to stop on a dime in any condition.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike Ebike, 20'' Electric Commuter Bicycle with 10AH Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, 48V 350W Motor and Professional Rear 7 Speed Gear
ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike Ebike, 20'' Electric Commuter Bicycle with 10AH Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, 48V 350W Motor and Professional Rear 7 Speed Gear
  • 350W POWERFULL MOTOR: Equipped with 48V 350W high speed brushless motor, provids more than enough to power your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail. With speeds up to 20 mph,it will get you there swiftly.
  • REMOVABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: Up to 30 miles per charge with the powerful 10ah battery. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to work and back. The electric folding bike can be charged on or off the frame easily.
  • INTELLIGENT LCD DISPLAY: Our LCD display provides the rider with essential information such as remaining battery life, total distance travelled, mileage,current speed and more.
  • ALUMINUM FOLDING FRAME: The 20inch e-bike adopts aluminum alloy collapsible frame for quick folding and easy storage. You can have it with minimal storage space and easily store into any vehicle. It is ideal for travelling holidays.
  • SERVICE AVAILABLE: This bicycle arrives 85% assembled. It's not hard to finish aseembly by yourself---Watch video on ANCHEER SPORT. The assembly service on this page is provided and charged by third-party company partnered with Amazon. If you can't finish by yourself, you can click and choose the service.

Speedrid 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

speedrid fat tire folding electric bike

500W Motor: You’ll never have to worry about hills again with the 500W brushless motor equipped on this fat tire electric bike. With speeds up to 22 mph you can get there swiftly and thanks to its strong build quality it will carry your gear no matter where you go!

High Battery Capacity: This electric bike has a 36V 12.5Ah lithium ion battery that can last for up to 22 miles per charge! You’re also able to recharge the battery on or off the bike, which is extremely convenient.

LCD Display: The LCD display on the handlebars is a great way to see all of your statistics. It will show you how fast you are going, what speed mode you’re in (5 options!), and the length of time until your battery reaches 0%.

Quality Materials and Components: The front forks are made of high-strength carbon steel, which can absorb the shocks produced by bumpy roads. The wheels have a double layer aluminum alloy design that is both lightweight and durable for off-road riding at an affordable price.

Charging Time: 7 hours.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

Bike Weight: 59 lbs.

Heybike Mars 20″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

heybike mars fat tire folding electric bike

High Speed and Range: This folding ebike has a 48V 12.5Ah lithium ion battery and a 500w brushless geared motor, allowing you to travel at speeds up to 20 mph and for 48 miles.

4″ Thick Fat Tires and Suspension: The 4″ thick puncture- resistant fat tires make it easy to cover ground, no matter where you go. A front suspension fork and seat post also provide comfort for even the longest rides. No matter if you’re exploring downtown or a mountain bike trail, this is your perfect companion!

3 Riding Modes: This electric bike has 3 riding modes: pure electric mode, pedal assist mode and manual riding mode.

Shimano Gears: The Shimano 7-speed gears on this electric bike make the ride smooth and enjoyable.

Charging Time: 6 hours.

Weight Limit: 330 lbs.

Bike Weight: 66 lbs.

GForce T31 Folding Electric Mountain Bike

gforce t31 folding electric mountain bike

Gears and Brakes: A manual gearshift system for the Shimano 7-speed provides you with a smooth and comfortable driving experience. It has reliable braking (due to dual disc brakes), shifting, and speed changing capabilities, no matter what weather conditions or terrain you’re cycling on.

Heavy Duty Tires: Get up close and personal with your environment, no matter the terrain. With 20 x 3.0 inch off-road fat tires you’ll be able to tackle any surface imaginable from urban streets to sand dunes without a problem.

LED Lights: With 160° wide illumination range, this folding electric bike is perfect for those of us who love to go on long nighttime rides. The rider can cruise through the night with ease by relying on energy-saving LED bulbs that provide plenty of lighting so you never have to worry about running out.

Adjustable Handlebars and Saddle: The handlebar and saddle on this bike allow you to move them up or down, so that no matter your height, the seat will always be at a comfortable level.

Charging Time: 5 hours.

Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

Bike Weight: 72 lbs.

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Vivi 14″ Folding Electric Bicycle

vivi folding electric bicycle

Quick Folding and Light: The Vivi electric bike is one of the lightest bikes on the market and has a maximum weight capacity of 22 lbs. It has a foldable frame and weighs only 57 lbs, so it’s perfect for traveling or just getting some exercise at home.

Small and Powerful: This electric bike has a powerful 350W motor and lithium battery that can boost you up to 20 mph and allow you to travel 40 – 60 miles. The shock absorbers help make the ride more comfortable for riders, even over rough terrain or bumpy roads.

Charging Time: 5 hours.

Weight Limit: 220 lbs.

Bike Weight: 57 lbs.

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Folding electric bicycles are a perfect option for commuters who live in the city. They’re able to store easily, even if you don’t have much space available at home or work. Best of all, these electric bikes can be had for und $1000! If you’ve been considering purchasing an electric bicycle but aren’t sure where to begin your search, this list is full of great options and will help narrow down which one might be best for you.