The Best Bike Cup Holder for Your Drink

It is convenient to have a beverage with you while cycling, whether you are running errands, commuting to work, or cruising around the city.

On chilly, brisk mornings I enjoy taking coffee with me on my rides. It’s a heavenly feeling sipping hot coffee while cycling through the cold, tranquil mornings. But maybe you’re looking for a bike cup holder not for coffee, but for a cold beer, a can of soda, or a bottle of water.

Here is a compilation of bike cup holders that cater to all your drink-holding requirements, ranging from highly functional to visually appealing options.

The following will be emphasized:

  • My ultimate choice for bike cup holder (the champion of all!)
  • Most stylish choice
  • Best budget choice
  • The top-rated cup holder for carrying coffee cups

1. The HandleStash (My Top Pick)

The HandleStash has addressed the problems encountered by many other holders and provided solutions for them!

Frankly speaking, this is my number one choice for bike cup holder by a significant margin!

The Best Bike Cup Holder for Your Drink features a convenient quick drawstring and a flexible mesh bottom that prevents spills on your legs, making it a hassle-free solution. Additionally, it is effortless to install and highly effective in its function.

Additionally, it is manufactured in the United States (if that holds significance for you) as an added benefit.

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve secured a special offer for our readers from Handlestash. (Yay!) If you use the code BICYCLE2WORK at checkout, you’ll get 10% off your purchase. You can grab the Handlestash cup holder on their website here (don’t forget to use the discount code!)

If you want to learn more, I have written a complete review of the Handlestash that includes pictures.

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The Best Bike Cup Holder for Your Drink

Check Out the Comprehensive HandleStash Evaluation Here.

The Optimal Bike Cup Holder for Your Refreshment

2. Most Stylish Choice – Personalized Leather Bike Cup Holder

This is a bicycle cup holder that is entirely crafted from leather and made by hand. Its unique design enables it to be fastened onto both the handlebar and bike basket.

Are you in search of a bike cup holder that can hold various types of drinks such as beer, soda, coffee, or water bottle? This particular holder can fulfill your requirements and also add to the aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, the bike cup holder can be customized with a name, phrase, or image of your choice. It is important to provide specific instructions for the leather stamping when placing your order.

If you prefer a more natural look, the bike cup holder doesn’t have to be stamped with any design. It is available in black, brown, and grey color choices.

3. Best Budget Choice – Ibera Bicycle Cup Holder

The cup holder is designed to accommodate cups that do not have handles, as well as thermoses and tumblers. According to Ibera, the cup must be at least 78 mm (3 inches) in width when measured 20 mm (0.8 inches) from the top of the cup.

The maximum height of the cup that can be held is 170 mm (6.5 inches), and it should also have a tapered shape with a wider top than bottom.

Installing it on either the handlebar or stem of your bike allows for convenient access to your beverage while cycling.

4. Cruzies Bike Cup Holder

The Cruzies Bike Cup Holder is an ideal solution for carrying various types of drinks, including cans, cups, bottles, and other beverages while cycling. Additionally, it can also hold your phone or keys securely. This cup holder is constructed with durable stainless steel material and manufactured by the same company that produces Hydroflask.

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The Cruzies are available in different colors such as blue, red, silver, black, pink, and turquoise. Additionally, they have a foam insert that aids in keeping your drink insulated. Although it doesn’t require any tool for installation like some of the cup holders mentioned earlier, it is advisable to use pliers to ensure that it is securely fastened on your handlebars.

If you want to enjoy a refreshing drink while leisurely pedaling along the bike path at sunset, this bike cup holder is the ideal accessory for you.

5. Best Cup-Holder For Hot Drinks – Portland Design Works Bar-Ista Coffee Cup Holder

Portland Design Works has a whole array of amazing bike accessories. We have already featured some of their items (check out our bike bell piece) in the past.

Presented here is their version of a bike cup holder. Constructed from aluminum, it features a rubberized interior that securely holds tapered cups, allowing you to ride without having to slow down like a turtle while carrying your coffee.

The Bar-ista is available in two sizes that can accommodate handlebars of varying sizes.

It is advisable to have a drink with a secure seal while riding over bumps, but apart from that, this product is reliable and worth purchasing.

Regardless of whether you plan to transport a hot or cold drink while cycling, we are confident that one of the aforementioned items will enable you to do so.

Whether you’re on your way to work, heading to the farmer’s market, or just exploring the city, these bike cup holders are capable of securely holding your drink while you ride. Therefore, fill up your cup, hop on your bike, and begin your journey!

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