Best Folding Bike Reviews 2022 & Customer Ratings | Folding Bike Hut

Best Folding Bike Reviews 2022 & Customer Ratings | Folding Bike Hut

If you’re interested in buying a folding bike, you’ve come to the right place! The Folding Bike Hut is here to provide you with the best folding bike reviews so that you can get the right information that you need when it comes to buying a foldable bike. Having us on your side will make your shopping experience for the perfect folding bike much better (and easier!)

Our portable bike reviews are here to serve as a guide, meaning you’ll not make a bad purchase and will be sure to buy something that’s right for you.

​There are many types of folding bikes out there, and they can be had in a variety of different shapes and sizes, which can lead you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choice available.

Folding Bike Benefits

When people ask us about the benefits of having a folding bike, we usually don’t know where to start; there’s so many! Below we have compiled a short list of the benefits that we feel are the most important due to these being the main reasons why people consider getting a folding bike:

  • Saving Money: Want to save a lot of money? Having a folding bike enables this. Imagine being able to ditch your car and never having to pay for fuel, insurance, parking tickets and any form of maintenance. The beauty of having a folding bike means that even if you have a longer commute, you can still take your bike and easily fold it up when using the bus or train. We estimate that our team saves over $1000 per month combined on travel due to owning folding bikes
  • Regular Exercise: You probably already know that it’s important to get daily exercise, so what better way than to shed those extra pounds on your commute? Having a folding bike to commute to and from work means that you’ll easily get enough exercise each day to leave you looking and feeling much healthier.
  • Portability: It’s incredibly hard to travel in any of the major cities in the world by car due to congestion and parking availability. This means you’re often forced to use public transport or walk to get around. Foldable bikes are often a similar size to a briefcase and are light enough in weight that they can be carried wherever you’d like to go.
Montague Paratrooper Pro: The Folding Bike That Stole My Heart

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