Are Folding Bikes Good for Long Rides?

Are Folding Bikes Good for Long Rides?

Cycling is one of the many exercises that are enjoyable. In current scenario cycles are commonly used for daily commute. Riders make use of this mode of transport to skip the heavy traffic and to get a workout without dragging themselves to the gym. Also the environmental benefits also are a great reason to cycle.

Foldable bikes were introduced to allow us to travel to any part of the world and enjoy intermodal commute. Ever since foldable bikes were first introduced there has been a great spike in the number of riders.

Foldable bikes have undergone a great deal of transformation to meet the various requirements of modern cyclists. From surprisingly lightweight bodies to easy foldable mechanisms, foldable bikes are going to be in vogue for a long time.

Factors to consider before buying a bike for long distance rides

Purchasing a bike for long distance tours should be a calculated decision. Different bikes offer different advantages. One of the major factor that determines your choice is the place you are heading to. Will you have to take through multiple modes of travel, how the terrain will be, will the place have a favourable weather all the time, storage options etc. You will need to look into these factors before investing in any kind of bike.

Folding bikes for long distance rides

Foldable bikes are without no doubt an essential piece for getting around the city. But are folding bikes good for long rides?

Yes they are.

Although folding bikes are compact and designed for short distances, it does not shy away from taking you on long rides. The common concern amongst riders is the small wheels on these bikes. However these bikes are as comfortable and practical as any standard bikes used for long distances.

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Why are folding bikes good for long distances?

Folding bikes have lots of advantages, some of them make these bikes even better than the ones with the bigger wheels.

  • Allows you to travel through any kind of terrain – This is the feature that makes foldable bikes suitable for city commute as well as distance rides. This option allows travellers to move through the most difficult terrains with ease. All you have to do is fold it and carry it as a backpack and again use it on a convenient path. But this is not possible if you are using a regular long distance bike with big wheels. In short foldable bikes make long distance rides less cumbersome. Also when you feel tired to ride and want to take an easier mode of transport all you need to do is fold it and hop on an easy mode of transport.
  • Foldable bike models for long distances – it is true that folding bikes have been customised for short distances. No doubt in that. And it is a smart choice to stick to bikes that are made for catering to specific needs. So does that mean you need to buy a regular bike for long distance rides? Not really. Today there are different models of foldable bikes available in the market that cater to every need. The ones suitable for long rides come with stronger carbon fibre frames that offer more stability. Some of them are fitted with gears and bigger wheels to make long distance travels more comfortable. Thus the quality of the ride will depend on the kind of folding bike you opt for.
  • More stability, easy storage and ideal for rough terrainsFolding bikes are very stable. The wide wheelbases offer better traction and make rides smooth. Some of the models come with super suspensions that make them suitable for harsh terrains. The lightweight body and the compact design ensures that they can fit into your suitcase with ease and travel with you as a luggage during cross country travels.
  • Gives you the freedom to be spontaneous – Long distance rides are exciting, adventurous and thrilling. But one thing it is not is predictable. When touring to a new place you cannot predict the conditions and trying to control and plan all the time takes out the fun from cycling. With a folding bike you can be your spontaneous self. If you make changes and plans along the way. With a folding bike you have the luxury to experience freedom.
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Tips to choose the right model of folding bike for your long distance rides

  • Take an expert advice – Where do you meet the experts, you ask? Obviously in bike shops. Who better to give you expert advice on bike models than a bike shop staff? Visit different bike shops and listen to what the manufacturers have to say. Get their insight into the different models and you can also test ride them to see how you feel.
  • Connect with other cyclists – Make the best use of modern technology. Surf the net to connect with other cyclists and cycling communities on various online platforms. You are bound to find professional and experienced cyclists who will be more than happy to share their experience with you.
  • Determine your riding style – Each person enjoys a different riding style much like any other preferences. Some like to sit upright whereas some like an aerodynamic position. Some want speed while some others prefer comfort over anything else. Determine what you want and it will narrow down your options and enable you to find the best folding bike for you.
  • Always prioritise durability and simplicity – Your buying choices should revolve around durability and simplicity. This is to minimise future investments (due to wear and tear) and to ensure a smooth and easy travel.

Folding bikes are as good as standard bikes for long distances. Reputed brands have come up with newer models that are suitable for long rides. Along with offering a comfortable ride you also get a plethora of other advantages when using a folding type bike for long rides. Make sure to invest in a folding bike that is durable and can be folded easily.

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