15 Bike Tricks For Kids

Performing bike tricks not only offers a unique and exciting alternative to the typical back-and-forth cycling routine, but also helps individuals of all ages enhance their bike-handling skills.

When I was young, riding a bike was an enjoyable and uncomplicated (although I did have some falls while learning) pastime that epitomized childhood.

Until now, cycling still provides me with excitement and a feeling of liberation, particularly because during my younger years, I dedicated most of my time to acquiring and perfecting captivating bike tricks.

As a parent, you likely comprehend the significance of encouraging your children to engage in physical activity and not spend all their formative years glued to a screen. However, what steps can you take when your child becomes disinterested in their typical cycling path and no longer finds it thrilling?

Fortunately, we have a solution!

Bike Tricks!

Within this piece, I will examine a few of the most straightforward bike tricks for beginners that you can assist your children in mastering, allowing them to enjoy cycling while maintaining maximum safety.

What Are Some Bike Tricks Kids Can Enjoy?

Collected here are some of the most popular bike tricks in the cycling community. While certain tricks may be easier to execute with specific types of bikes such as dirt jumpers, mountain bikes, and BMX bikes, a majority of these enjoyable maneuvers can be accomplished on any bike.

And the greatest aspect is that there is a little something for everyone available!

Select the most exciting trick for you and keep practicing until you become unstoppable and enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s begin:

1. The Slide

Sliding is a simple but enjoyable bike trick that can be easily demonstrated, particularly on wet days and soft, loose ground.

The objective when approaching a corner for a slide trick on a bike is to secure the back wheel and initiate a rear-end slide by turning in a particular manner.

By firmly pulling the rear brake, kids can achieve the freedom to slide when the wheel locks up.

When executing this bike trick, allow the end to step out while turning and if you experience any discomfort, release the brake and continue as normal while curving. You have the option to either stop or turn a corner and release the rear brake to keep moving forward.

2. The Trackstand 

Trackstand is one of the amazing bicycle stunts that you can learn in general, even if you’re just starting out and don’t ride trials. The great thing about it is that not only can kids do track stands on any bike they have, but you can also practice this trick without having to leave your house. 

Although remaining stationary on a bike is not the simplest of bike tricks, it can be quite challenging for children. Fortunately, I’m here to help you out! To master this bike trick, all you need to do is find a quiet spot in your house or outside; it’s best if there’s a slight incline.

To execute the bike trick, start by gradually stopping your bike, then stand up out of the saddle with level pedals. Next, turn the front wheel and apply slight pressure to the front pedal to maintain the angle.

Adjust the brakes as needed and avoid standing still initially. Instead, execute a gradual turnaround and move forward a few times to maintain balance and stability.

3. The Wheelie

One of my favorite bike tricks for kids is the wheelie, which involves pulling the front tire off the ground by pedaling with force and is considered a fundamental trick.

Performing a high-angled wheelie may not have a long duration, but it is comparatively simpler to execute with lesser risks of falling and getting hurt.

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If you want to perform a wheelie while riding your bike, start by pedaling vigorously while pulling on the handlebars and leaning back, then simply jump off your feet if you find yourself standing up and going too high.

Assuming you have selected a lower gear such as 2nd or 3rd, you are ready to proceed.

4. The Bump Jump

Discovering the appropriate “bump” while riding is crucial to mastering this bike trick, as the name implies.

Moreover, you need to acquire expertise in the actual method.

As a beginner in performing bike tricks for kids, it is recommended to search for a small obstacle like an elevated hurdle, root, or a small-to-medium-sized embedded stone on the bike trail to execute this trick.

Once you have identified the “bump,” ride towards it in a straight line, increasing your speed and applying pressure. As you hit the bump, shift your weight back and forth on the handlebars to lift the front tire off the ground and raise the back wheel as well. While in mid-air, lift your legs and keep your feet on the pedals, then aim for a smooth landing.

After gaining proficiency in this bike trick, you can elevate the difficulty level by raising the obstacles and attempting jumps – make sure to impress your peers with your skills!

5. The Endo 

This maneuver is alternatively referred to as the “nose wheelie” or the “stoppie,” and it’s highly likely that you’ve witnessed it in films or elsewhere.

Mastering the intentional endo maneuver is a crucial skill that serves as a foundation for many other bike tricks and maneuvers.

If you can successfully perform an endo, you are on your way to becoming an expert rider. The reason why this bike trick is so empowering is that it demonstrates fearlessness and readiness to conquer any obstacle in your path.

One of the bike tricks for kids is the endo, which involves standing while riding at a comfortable speed to avoid interference from the seat upon landing. To execute this trick, gradually pull the front brake while leaning forward until you can tilt up the locked wheel; then lean back slightly to prevent falling off before the bike goes over.

To avoid tilting forward too much, you can release the brake or lean back whenever necessary. With enough practice and familiarity with endos, you can even incorporate spins into your bike tricks.

It is important to note that this bike trick is quite challenging and has the potential to be hazardous if executed improperly, therefore it is crucial to wear your helmet throughout the entire process.

6. The Bunny Hop

One of the bike tricks for kids is called a bunny hop, which involves lifting both wheels off the ground simultaneously by bouncing the bike off the road.

To perform a bunny hop, approach in the neutral ready position with some speed, lift off the seat while keeping the pedals level, slightly bend your arms, knees, and hips, and maintain a relaxed and loose posture throughout.

To execute bike tricks for kids, apply pressure on the handlebars to compress the front suspension, then exert force on the pedals while pulling up the handlebars to elevate the front wheel.

To perform the bike trick, lift your front wheel and then lean forward while pushing your handlebar forward and lifting your legs. It is important to avoid using your brakes, especially during the landing phase.

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Before attempting more significant obstacles, practice jumping over small objects like logs, twigs, or even a bottle of water repeatedly.

If you ensure that both wheels of the bicycle are lifted simultaneously and push the handlebars forward while airborne, you will execute the trick successfully. A video tutorial is available for you to practice.

7. The J-Hop 

Most people are unaware that the J-hop and bunny hop tricks are distinct bike tricks because they are quite similar. Here’s how you can perform a J-hop and impress your peers!

To perform bike tricks for kids, start by riding at a moderate pace. Rise up on the bike with your pedals level to the ground, ensuring that your body is slightly behind the saddle rather than directly above it.

Lean back to levitate your front wheel about a foot off the ground. Then start leaning forward to keep your back weightless as it makes it easier to lift and rotate your handlebars.

When performing bike tricks for kids, try to lift and push your feet to speed up the back of the bike. To increase the height of your jump and clear obstacles or reach higher levels, extend the handlebars further to level off the ground.

When performing the J-Hop bike trick, it is important to land on both wheels at the same time, although a slight delay may occur if you first land on your rear wheel and then the front. After landing, make sure to crouch down to absorb the impact of the landing before rolling away to complete the trick.

8. The Manual 

Driving on the back wheel without using pedals, also known as a manual, is a fundamental skill recommended for kids and beginners. This trick focuses on maintaining balance on the rear wheel.

Initially, you need to pull your front wheel off the ground in a smooth and comfortable manner, which requires significant effort and practice.

To perform one of the 15 bike tricks for kids, simply relax and pull back on the handlebars while extending your arms and legs to equalize with the rear wheel, allowing your body posture to hang back without concern for the road ahead.

When performing a manual on a bike, it is important to maintain balance and control for an extended period of time by taking care and providing regular maintenance.

9. Jumping

Most of the elements of a bunny hop are present in this trick, except for the requirement of lifting yourself off the ground; the key to successfully executing it is to generate enough speed based on how high and far you want to jump.

Start by practicing jumping over ramps and sloping curbs to get comfortable with the trick and avoid the possibility of falling into a hole.

To ensure a safe takeoff and landing, slightly lift your legs and lean back when jumping, providing a more stable position during the flight.

After landing from your jump, make sure to maintain bent knees and ensure that the front tire is aligned.

10. Dismounting 

Disembarking from a bicycle may not appear to be a trick, but it lacks excitement unless we incorporate our own.

My preferred way of dismounting from a bike involves an effortless and graceful technique where I swing one leg over the bicycle, landing on a pedal while my other leg remains behind me. This is perhaps my most favorite trick to perform.

To get off the bike, start by placing your hands on the handlebars and leaning to keep your balance. Gradually shift your weight until you can lean with one hand and one foot off the bike.

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11. The 180▫

The 180-degree bike maneuver involves rotating your bike at a 180-degree angle while in mid-air, as the name implies.

This maneuver is one of the most sought after 15 Bike Tricks For Kids, particularly for those novices who have just acquired their new BMS and are searching for ways to enjoy it. 

To perform the bike trick for kids, start by riding at a steady pace and lifting the front wheel by grabbing the handlebars. Next, push the handlebars forward as you prepare to jump off the ground. At this point, it is crucial to turn your body in the same direction as your back wheel and complete a 180° turn before landing your bike firmly on the ground.

12. The 360▫

Essentially the same as the 180° bike trick, the sole distinction is that you must rotate 360° instead of 180°.

To perform the bike trick, lift the front wheel of your bike, move your body forward, twist it, and complete a full 360° turn. Simply follow the instructions provided in the previous section.

13. The Bar Hop

The bar hop is an effective maneuver that involves lifting the handlebars over and up towards the front fender before bringing them back to their original position. Rest assured, once you begin experimenting with this trick, you’ll have a blast.

The most important requirement for performing this bike trick is speed. You must ride at a high velocity and then use your body to balance the bike by pushing your feet off the pedals.

One great bike trick for kids is to lift your feet and soar over the handlebars, but caution should be exercised during its execution.

14. The Nose Manual 

A nose manual, similar to a BMX manual that involves balancing on the front wheel without pedals, can be practiced on soft ground or a lawn.

Mastering the leap is crucial before attempting other bike tricks for kids. Similar to the manual, finding a stable position on the front tire can be challenging. One technique is to remove the front wheel and maintain balance at the dropouts.

To perform a nose manual, it is essential to engage the entire body, requiring balance work at the front wheel.

15. The Disaster 

Disaster is a useful BMX skill that involves shifting the weight of your bike from the front to the back. This trick is typically executed in a park or playground.

To perform this trick, cycling to the front of the changeover is necessary. Then, execute a j-hop when you are almost at the top and follow it up with a 180° turn. When you land on the ground, make sure that the front tire is incorporated while keeping the back tire out of the pipe.

Places such as parks, mild inclines, and small railings provide an ideal setting for mastering this trick with ease.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, those are the complete bike tricks that your children can relish as a novice, provided that you supervise them attentively.

These stunts will spark interest, bring joy, and also enhance cycling abilities, while also contributing to better physical and mental wellbeing (Source). 

Looking for a video demonstration of these tricks? Take a look at this.

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